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Our Services

Zammar home Improvements, provides professional design / build landscape services, second to none. Our natural designs create comfortable outdoor spaces, blending seamlessly with the terrain of your  property.

Zammar and his crew work efficiently to deliver on-time, on-budget, offering exceptional attention to detail, creative designs and high quality workmanship.

We specialize in hard-landscaping and also offer professional planting and maintenance of your gardens. Our creative stonework includes dry laid granite, flagstone patios, steps and walkways, granite retaining walls, and driveways.

Our landscape projects exceed even the most challenging 'wish lists'; building a landscape that is both pleasing to the eye and able to stand the test of time. We guarantee it.

Our excellent service begins with an initial site visit and continues from our timely proposal, communication and through to the completion of your project. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; leaving your new landscape pristine and ready for you to enjoy.

Whether you are landscaping after new building construction, renovating an old landscape, or adding to existing gardens, we guarantee you will be delighted with our creative and natural approach to your cottage or home project.

Some of our Services Include:

Landscaping  Renovations  Foundations Repair

- Stone, Interlock & Concrete
- Driveways
- Retaining & Garden walls
- Flower Beds
- Walkways
- Patios
- Top Soil
- Wooden Decks
- Fences
- Lightings
- F
ull planting services
- Sodding and Grading

- Complete Maintenance Services
- Bathrooms
- Kitchens
- Basement Finish
- Flooring
- Framing


- Foundation repairs
- Foundation waterproofing
- Weeping tile
- Window wells


Basement Finish

When it comes to creating more space for storage or increased living area, basement renovation immediately comes to mind.

The basement renovation plan might be as simple as drywall finishing the wall framing, a few extra light fixtures and shelving to increase basement storage potential. Or it can be as involved as transforming the area using a family room design or basement game room that includes finished walls, ceiling, carpeting, and the addition of bathroom plumbing


Your only restraints are available floor space, basement renovation cost, and other practical considerations. Such as whether the project will be a DIY, if you require the services of a reliable renovation contractor, and what you hope to accomplish by the renovation.

If you dream it,  we make it happen.


We are an Ottawa bathroom renovations company that specializes in the design and construction of beautiful bathrooms. We will take the time to understand what your needs are for your custom bathroom design. We will design your bathroom project so that it works efficiently for you and your lifestyle.

Bathroom renovations can be modest or extensive. They can include basics such as a new sink and cabinets, and luxuries such as a whirlpool and sauna. Whether you’re updating an existing bathroom or adding full or half bathrooms, we help you visualize your final bathroom design throughout the planning stages. We can make your bathroom renovations exciting and stress-free from beginning to end.


Bathrooms are important rooms to potential buyers. When a bathroom design is up to date, and attractive, it’s another reason a potential buyer will be interested in making an offer on your home. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation primarily to sell your house, even a modest bathroom remodeling project can accomplish what’s needed and create a clean, attractive new bathroom.

We will visit your home, look over your existing bathroom, discuss your bathroom finishing ideas with you, and help you plan your bathroom remodeling project. We will assist you in the planning, design and selection of your new bathroom every step of the way. This includes explaining the cost of every step before it is performed so there will be no hidden fees at the end.


When you renovate with Zammar home Improvements , we take care of all of the details on your behalf, including plumbing

or structural work (for example, moving walls, installing windows, etc.). Our kitchen renovation coordinator will develop a schedule that includes every step in the renovation process, and then manage that schedule so that you only have to speak with one person to access the information you are seeking at any given time.


Too often during kitchen renovations, homeowners are left to juggle the various trades and workers that might be needed for their project, and to deal with any problems that might arise from a lack of communication or proper coordination themselves. At Zammar home Improvements, however, we coordinate every aspect of the design and renovation process, sparing you any unwanted hassles as well as the burden of the ongoing maintenance and coordination such a project demands.